The Nature Photographer

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO I wrote the script, selected audio clips from published episodes, selected images, and produced this 1-minute promotional video for the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). I regularly provide marketing support for The Nature Photographer by NANPA episodes that appear monthly on the Wild & Exposed podcast, including copywriting show notes, posting toContinue reading “The Nature Photographer”

Healthy Workplace Guides

INBOUND MARKETINGClient: Jump IN for Healthy KidsWrote copy for six inbound marketing offers to help employers support healthy eating and physical activity in the workplace. Titles include: 3 Steps to a Healthy Workplace, 4 Strategies to Increase Healthy Eating in the Workplace, 5 Steps to Increasing Physical Activity at Work, 5 Ways to Promote HealthyContinue reading “Healthy Workplace Guides”