Expressions digital publication


Client: North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA)

Goal: Transform traditional print journal with small circulation to fully digital publication widely available on the web at no cost to readers. Increase net revenue by reducing production costs and attracting more paid advertisers.

My Role: I proposed a fully digital publication as a solution to client’s challenges with rising costs and low product demand. I initially pitched my vision to organization’s leadership for a publication featuring embedded audio and video and less text-based content than previous editions. After we had approval, I solicited RFPs for a designer and audio/video editor. Once selected, these contractors and I collaborated with the contest administrator to fully realize the publication as it appears today. My responsibilities included identifying, writing, and/or editing text that appears in the final publication, soliciting advertisers and routing artwork to the designer, creating image captions from contest submission data, managing two volunteer copyeditors, managing project deadlines and maintaining open lines of communication with project team, and promoting the final product.

I created this graphic for use in email marketing and website pages to help familiarize the organization’s members—many of whom are not necessarily tech savvy—with the new publication’s navigation tools

Published by Julie Patterson

Julie is a copywriter, content writer, and creative nonfiction writer located in Indianapolis, Indiana.