Conferring with Young Writers


Client: Partnership for Inquiry Learning, a program of the Butler University College of Education

Project Description: Email drip campaign that provided long-form content to demonstrate the kinds of practical strategies, resources, and information available to classroom teachers in other Partnership programs, such as standalone workshop events or in-school coaching services. Designed as an opt-in inbound marketing offer, this campaign provided teachers with valuable content at no cost with aim of “nurturing and delighting” clients and prospects through the sales funnel.

Components: I culled existing materials and conducted interviews to create the long-form content for the series of emails that constituted the “offer.” Additionally, I created email, social media posts, and a landing page to promote the offer to customers and prospects.

Scroll through the images below or click here to download a complete PDF sample, including the five long-form content messages.

Published by Julie Patterson

Julie is a copywriter, content writer, and creative nonfiction writer located in Indianapolis, Indiana.