Healthy Workplace Guides

Client: Jump IN for Healthy Kids
Wrote copy for six inbound marketing offers to help employers support healthy eating and physical activity in the workplace.

Titles include: 3 Steps to a Healthy Workplace, 4 Strategies to Increase Healthy Eating in the Workplace, 5 Steps to Increasing Physical Activity at Work, 5 Ways to Promote Healthy Habits to Employees and their Families, Community Engagement: 2 Ways to Expand Employee Wellness into Your Community, and 52 Weekly Wellness Messages.

My role included culling, editing, and sometimes authoring original pieces of content, assisting with image selection, and writing copy for all related email drip campaigns, landing page, and promotional emails and social media posts. Graphic design by TBH Creative. VIEW A SAMPLE FROM THIS SERIES >

Published by Julie Patterson

Julie is a copywriter, content writer, and creative nonfiction writer located in Indianapolis, Indiana.